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  • Summary: A dazzling new game combining the thrills of tennis, the dangers of the discus, and the heart-stopping competition of competition sports. Six of the world's toughest and most clever athletes take court in the most thrilling new sport of the fin-de-seicle! WINDJAMMERS - It will blow you away!


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  1. Nov 12, 2018
    Windjammers was a lot of fun on Neo Geo and it’s still fun now on the Nintendo Switch. While I had some minor problems at first using the Joy-cons to make precise curve shots, it’s not to hard to adapt and soon you’ll be throwing the disc every which way on demand. Once you’ve mastered the controls and have gone through Arcade Mode over and over again, grab some friends and have them join in on the fun.
  2. Oct 25, 2018
    It’s great to see more gamers have the chance to try out the once forgotten arcade gem Windjammers for themselves. The game strikes that perfect balance of simplicity and depth featuring action so fast-paced and on the edge of your seat, you’ll have a tough time putting the controller down. Best of all though, it manages to make playing with a Frisbee look cool, and any game that can accomplish that is okay in my book.
  3. Oct 29, 2018
    Windjammers is one of the finest co-op games in any genre, and it remains as essential now as it was back in 1994.
  4. Oct 23, 2018
    Despite the passing of the decades the core gameplay still manages to entertain, and the 2D visuals have likewise stood the test of time rather well. The bone of contention remains the single-player side of things; if you're playing alone, you'll get bored relatively quickly. However, with online play and easy-to-configure local multiplayer, there's plenty of scope to embrace the game's true USP: two-player action.
  5. Nov 3, 2018
    Windjammers is a fun and fantastic multiplayer arcade game and the Nintendo Switch version takes advantage of that strength.
  6. 80
    As one of the better head-to-head titles on Switch, it is perfect for some quick rounds when you and a friend have a few minutes to spare. It’s also deep enough for longer, more intense sessions. Windjammers is a surprisingly simple yet deliciously fun game, and if it’s multiplayer you’re looking for, this title belongs in your collection.
  7. Nov 9, 2018
    Windjammers has an undeniable charm with its retro aesthetics, simple gameplay, bright colors, and smart design. It’s lack of content, however, means it will only get attention from players who want to compete against their friends after completing the incredibly short single-player content. A lack of characters, stages, or much else to do is a big setback given the demand of games today, however being a port of the original game from ‘94 awards it a little more leeway in our expectations. Here’s hoping the sequel due out next year will give us the modern Windjammers title we need.

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